Mixing the Resin and Aggregate 

We currently use the 7.5kg Leeson Bound  kit. It is a 2 component system.

Kits are pre-weighed to the correct ration and shouldn’t be split.

Mix A component prior to addition of B component, then mix the A and B for 1,-2 mins to a smooth consistency.

The mixed resin should then be introduced into the mixer containing the aggregate. The aggregate must be dry and free from dust.

While the mixer is running with the dry aggregate add the resin at rate of minimum 6.5% up to 15% depending on end user requirements and the size and particle distribution of the aggregate.

Smaller particles or greater particle distribution will require relatively more resin as the overall surface area is increased.

Resin additions at these levels will ensure a well bonded durable and sound system.

A rotary mixer or low speed paddle mixer are suitable for mixing.

Mix for 5 minutes until all of the aggregate is uniformly coated.


The blend of resin and aggregate should then be immediately applied to the surface and compacted with a trowel.

The surface temperature should be between +10 degrees Celsius and 35 degrees Celsius for application.

The system should be applied at least 3 degrees above the dew point measured  fir the application surface .Care should be taken to ensure that the correct,  even coverage rate is applied across the application area.

Once levelled and compacted the surface can be smoothed with a trowel cladding a release agent , this allows for the top facing stones to br knitted together,  giving an even surface.

Suitable release agents are organic solvents such as xylene and white spirits, water should not be used as a release agent as it may cause foaming in the system.