Crushed Glass

A fine crushed glass is often used to increase the Resin Bound surfaces anti-slip properties.

It is scattered on top of the ResTec system and not only delivers an abrasive surface to enhance the anti-skid and non-slip properties but also offers a decorative look that is visually attractive.


If you are laying a resin bound surface onto concrete , a primer is recommended to ensure a good bond to the surface.

WE currently supply Leesons Polyurethanes PU Primer System 3922. It is an unpigmented primer for use before our Res Tec system when required.


We currently supply Leesons Polyurethane D4860 Unpigmented Coating Accelerator.

At low temperatures D4860 coating accelerator can be added to maintain cure speed. The accelerator should be used with each mix to ensure there is uniformity of curing.

The table below gives approximate addition level guidance.

Air Temperature in degrees Celsius  D4860 Accelerator Addition Level

20 0%
17.5 4.4g per 6.5kg kit
15 9.8g per 6.5kg kit
12.5 16.6g per 6.5kg kit
10 29.3g per 6.5kg kit

Forced Action Mixers

Forced Action Mixers are a necessary tool in the installation of any resin bound system. Keltec Ltd are Irish agents for and we currently supply their M110 mixer to the trade. 

Baron is a 100% Danish owned , dynamic and innovative company which for years has been the undisputed market leader within forced action mixers and tools for hardscape gardeners and paving contractors.

Baron manufactures powerful and effective forced action mixers for the demanding professional user. 

Large, quiet motors and high quality ensure that your Baron forced action mixer just keeps on going.

Please follow link for technical data and advantages.