To provide the highest quality resin bound kit we looked towards the leading manufacturers of polyurethane adhesives and coatings to supply our resin. We use the Leesons UVR resin which is BBA approved and we use the Leeson Bound Kit 7.5kg.

Why use BBA approved products? 

The BBA is an independent and non-profit organisation that rigorously tests,  inspects and certifies products and systems to give the construction industry the confidence that they are buying quality. They are an international authority on approved products in the construction industry.

Leeson Bound is non hazardous, fast curing, flexible solvent free resin for encapsulation of decorative aggregates.

Systems cure to give an attractive durable  finish. Recent stringent testing by the BBA of its strength and stability confirm that Leeson Bound is the strongest UV stable stone bound surfacing system on the market.